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Infinite career opportunities

We develop talent density & diversity to deliver Better Change.

Teams are the real value behind any company. At Devoteam we believe that putting people at the heart of the technology is the way to unlock the future. We provide an enriching environment to our people, championing talent density and diversity and giving them infinite possibilities through ambitious certifications and training programs.

Key figures

4000 newcomers in 22 countries in 2021
4/5 Glassdoor
4000+ certifications
91% of the RGAA 4 <criteria are observed on the website
8000 Devoteamers responding to our bi-annual Devomood internal satisfaction survey

Promote every talent

Since its creation in 1995, Devoteam has prohibited any discriminatory criteria in the recruitment of employees, particularly criteria related to origin, gender, lifestyle, sexual orientation, actual or presumed ethnicity, nationality or race, political opinions, trade union or mutualist activities, religious beliefs, physical appearance, name, health, disability, pregnancy, age, marital status or genetic characteristics.

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Cross-cultural spirit

Besides the globalization, cross-cultural collaboration between our 84 nationalities in 22 countries brings us diversity enriching all our people and powering our clients with the best innovation spirit.

“Women in Tech Community” in Devoteam Belgium

With the aim to empower women, this community offers a network, support and resources where they can get inspired and learn from each other through sharing and collaborating, events, testimonials of role-models, and peer experiences.

Disability agreement

Disability mission in France is leading several actions to facilitate disabled employee work, as well as systematic awareness raising for all employees, and specific trainings for HR.

We forbid any discrimination and ensure inclusion  in all our activities. For instance, our website have been awarded by Ideance (Expert firm in digital accessibility) with a 91% score of accessibility.

DEI program in Sweden

Diverse and inclusive teams are more innovative and contribute to a better work environment for everyone, we promote these dimensions with trainings to all employees and managers. We review the recruitment process to increase newcomers diversity, and measure regularly the effects on our workforce and, educate employees with the goal to achieve a equal and diverse workplace for all.

A learning company

Devoteam has taken a strong commitment as a Learning Company. By 2024, we want 70% of our consultants to be certified on our Partner’s technologies.

To achieve such ambition, we want to leverage our partnerships to offer the most innovative training and certifications to our consultants and to offer them structured and formalized career paths, better understanding of internal mobility opportunities and overall boosting their expertise. On top of Devoteam Academy delivering training to all devoteamers, Devoteam organises Career Weeks locally, to promote the jobs and career paths, the ways of getting more involved with Devoteam and opportunities offered for all our people.

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Encourage Devoteamers Citizenship through Devoteam Foundation


In 2018, the Devoteam Foundation launched the #TechforPeople program, to support associations and social entrepreneurs in their digital strategy, through the commitment of our people.

This program offers consultants different engagement formats to discover social innovation, accompany associations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and inspiring social entrepreneurs.

  • Pro bono work
    to help NGOs and associations define their needs around tech, and offer our support on their transformation plans for the long run.
  • #TechforPeople Labs
    a 3-hour smart and multidisciplinary workshop, where a mix of Devoteam experts solve business and tech issues for a specific NGO.


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Our Values

Our cultural mindset, combined with our
values define the way we want to work as
one powerful Devoteam.


  • Treat people the way you want to be treated.
  • Be professional and fulfill commitments.
  • Know that your colleague’s time and work is just as valuable as yours.
  • Make guests and new team members feel welcome.
  • Feel responsible – and connected to – Devoteam’s resources.


  • Offer all relevant resources and support to your team, to give the clearest view. 
  • Improve a situation, over criticizing it. 
  • Highlight risks and own up if you’re not right for a task. 
  • Learn and share from positive and negative experiences. 
  • Manage internal issues without impacting on our efficiency.


  • Bring value, new ideas and share knowledge. 
  • Be proud of your teams, your work and the value you deliver to the customer. 
  • Protect, encourage and strengthen long-term relationships. 
  • See opportunity in change. 
  • Work to develop Devoteam.

Join us. The value of creativity is exponential. And we believe in big investment in our talents. If you have a passion for driving sustainability and a desire to create better change with tailor-made solutions, get in touch.

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Creating sustainable value across our ecosystem, putting tech at the service of our clients and partners, as well as NGOs powered by our Devoteam Foundation.


Reducing carbon footprint across our entire value chain, focusing both our own impact and that of our ecosystem.


Complying with applicable laws and standards, and engaging all our stakeholders in our ethical and sustainable journey.