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Migration to Azure with Devoteam

Your goals – Free or optimize your data centers. Secure your infrastructures and applications. Ensure good execution of the transformation program. Manage change from the early stages of the program.

Your constraints

Rely on a reputable partner, reliable, and able to train you. Define a migration plan that respects all your constraints (trade, security, compliance). Ensure operations continuity during the program by including legacy management. How do we proceed?


Sort apps by a functional perimeter, technique, and criticality – Apps and SLAs review, Target service catalogue definition, Architecture model, Financial model, Target solution identification (rehost, re-platform, refactor, re-develop, retire), Migration planning with teams capacity management, Subscriptions management, Tooling.

The approach

The analysis process

We follow a holistic “SaaS first” approach, considering all the applications, cost, governance, security and compliance. Our analysis phase involves a relentless drive to eliminate as many VM’s as possible. The average reduction we see with our customers is 25-30%. The process we follow is:


Mobilize the teams to ensure success – Train and support your teams to enable them to be actors at our side. Structure teams by target solutions, with support from expertise teams. Create governance and risk management.


Define target architecture with your teams – Regions and Availability Zone, Landing Zone, Network Topology / Authentication & Key Management / Bastion & RBAC Strategy / Logs & Monitoring / PCA / Quota & Charge Back / Dashboard /Template VM & containers / Infrastructure optimisation with Auto Scale / Naming convention and tags


Test and rapidly move apps to Azure.

  • Validate target architecture, processes, migration teams.
  • Implement corrections and improvements.

Results Indicators