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Modernize, Build, Manage and Deploy your applications easily on Microsoft Azure with Devoteam

Application modernization – Software environments have become increasingly complex, hurting productivity and incurring higher and higher maintenance costs, which in the end prevents agility. Microsoft Azure offers a flexible approach for application deployment.

Cloud Data

Today’s applications generate an unprecedented amount of diverse data. Azure provides a complete ingestion, storage and analytics platform to discover insights that illuminate paths to better customer experiences and new operational efficiencie

Infrastructure modernization

Evolving in a more and more competitive environment, companies are under pressure to modernize their IT. Azure is the solution to retire technical and financial debts, optimise resource utilisation, improve security and reliability, innovate and rollout new business initiatives faster.

In adapting an application modernisation strategy, it should be key to determine where your organisation’s biggest IT challenges are situated. In most cases, IT tries to meet business demands on a budget that is not adequate. Innovation is crucial, but so are your legacy applications. Most of them don’t require high modernisation budgets to keep them still fit for purpose. So simply throwing them out would be a huge waste of time and money.

Still fit for purpose

Although it is important to step away from applications that are monolithic – running on physical servers and using waterfall style development – rewriting all your code is an option not to be taken lightly. You need to make efficiency and cost considerations. By rewriting, the costs and time commitment required is notoriously likely to be underestimated. Rewriting may seem like a good idea at first because customers are demanding more than your legacy system can provide. In its current format however, the only potential justification for rewriting is if the costs of maintaining the application have become greater than the costs of rewriting the application. Luckily, there are many more possibilities for application modernization than starting from scratch.

Determine the right modernisation approach

Devoteam’s approach is a combination of Gartner’s and our very own expertise and best practices.

The first step is an application portfolio assessment based on the six main drivers for modernisation. From the business side we check if the application is still fit for purpose. Does it still add value? Can it quickly be adapted to new market demands? So more specific, what is the software agility or how easy is it to modernise the application. When applications are not on par with the demands of the digital business, they end up as a liability. Next to the technology side, we assess on application costs, complexity and potential risks. Or, what is the software resilience and the software elegance of the application? The portfolio assessment makes use of an objective code-scanning tool (from CAST) and is extended with interview questions.



Based on the results of the first step, together with you we make up an application priority list. If needed, we fine-tune your application modernisation strategy, which should be in line with your cloud strategy. Note that the modernisation can start on-premise. Private cloud is a valid cloud service provider. Out of this list, we select one or few applications for the next step.

In the second step we perform a deeper application assessment on the applications with the highest modernization priority. Based on the drivers we determine the best modernization option or a combination of several options:

  • MODERNISE: replace, rebuild, re-architect, refactor or encapsulate your application.
  • RATIONALISE: replatform or rehost your application.
  • RETIRE: kill your application, while archiving business data as required.

Benefit from our Microsoft Azure expertise.

Legacy Application Modernization

We support our client sin their transformation for their exciting applications. Modernization reduces costs and risks, and increase agility.

Modern Apps.

Today users want apps that deliver instant inteligence and collaboration, when needed, on any device of their choice.

Cloud Native Apps.

We support our clients in the design and development of new applications in order to take advantage of the benefits of the cloud.

“Think efficiency first. Our experts are always on the lookout for the technical solution best suited to your context in order to provide you with the best compromise between efficiency and investment.” – Jérémy Meisch Chief Operating Officer at Devoteam Luxembourg