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Artificial Intelligence won’t take over our society

We have all seen TV series and films about how artificial intelligence is taking over our jobs, our lives and our nature. Don’t get us wrong, this can happen if we don’t act now.

Today, Decision Makers can decide to enhance current jobs, empower people to do more and even create more job opportunities.

As an innovative tech company, Devoteam Luxembourg is in the center of the action. With the support of Microsoft, Digital Luxembourg and the Ministry of the Civil Service (INAP), Devoteam launched the first AI Academy in Luxembourg in June 2019.

Devoteam’s AI Academy has been created to increase the competitiveness of Luxembourg as a country, enhancing employability, improving Digital Skills and contributing to build an ethic and positive AI culture within the country.

Responsible AI is more important now than ever before.

Nowadays, a lot of us use connected apps or have virtual assistants that will take private information, remember it and use it. It is important that companies have good ethical values because without it, there can be data manipulation which can lead to dangerous situations for consumers.

Some of us also have smart watches that are connected 24/7 to our bodies. They can not only tell us the time, but they can also measure our arrhythmia, send us a notification for our next meeting, and even say if it’s going to be raining today.

On a bigger scale, Artificial Intelligence can also inform us on climate predictions, help farmers determine the optimal date to sow crops, detect diseases and even cancer.


Artificial intelligence isn’t our enemy, as long as we create and use it wisely.

As Brad Smith, president at Microsoft Corporation said, there are “important questions we need to address together:

  • How do we design, build, and use AI systems that create a positive impact on individuals in society?
  • How can we ensure that AI systems treat everyone fairly?

The technologies are evolving at a fast pace, and most of us will eventually harness AI in our daily lives, at work or even at home. That’s why Devoteam thought of creating 3 courses available and adapted to multiple profiles.


AI Academy for Decision Makers

The first one called AI Academy for Decision Makers is targeting CEOs, Directors, Business Professionals, anyone who has the power to take decisions and implement Artificial Intelligence in their company for the better. After this 2-day training, Decision Makers will have all the tools to integrate the adapted AI within their business.



AI Academy Foundation

The second training called AI Academy Foundation has the purpose to teach the basics of Artificial Intelligence to technical professionals. During this 5-day course within the Devoteam Training center in Windhof, you will learn how to use existing resources to build intelligence into your applications.



AI Academy Advanced

The third training is called AI Academy Advanced and is dedicated to Data Scientists and Research Engineers. For this course, you will need a high-school level in math and statistics, knowledge of data science or programming, and have experience working with data from Excel and databases. After this 22-week program, you will master the skills needed to build deep learning models for AI solutions that exhibit human-like behavior and intelligence. This training will be available every two weeks on the Devoteam Online Learning Platform and Capstone Project. A course presented by Devoteam trainers will also take place every two weeks at the Devoteam Training Center.




All these trainings will start in September and take place at Devoteam’s Training Center in Windhof, 7 rue des Trois Cantons, or will be available online. A certification will also be given at the end of each training.

To summarize, Artificial intelligence will probably be one of the biggest scientific breakthroughs of the 21st century.

Now is the time we take control to guide AI’s future in a responsible way.