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Devoteam & Licent, the partnership that provides solutions to facilitate the digital transformation of your business and a GDPR compliant platform for information exchange between companies and their customers.

In this digital age, data has become one of the most valuable assets for businesses of all shapes, sizes and sectors. The capability of a company to collect, connect and understand all kinds of data, structured or not, will be key for its survival and will have a palpable impact on its strategy and operations. Deeper knowledge of customers, access to new markets, better decision making, fresh ways for employees to share ideas, improved internal and external collaboration are some illustrations of how organisations can improve their performance and adapt to a continually faster changing context.

The legislator saw the need to protect individuals in this new economy, which resulted in the adoption of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in effect since May 2018. This new law obliges business to analyse and document the usage of personal data in order to achieve compliance. While this is considered a burden by many, it is also a great opportunity to start a digital transformation initiative.

Companies that are using compliance as a valuable milestone to capitalize on will emerge with a significant advantage.

“We have really understood that the ability for companies to manage and protect data is not only a compliance necessity, it’s a must for building trusted relationships with their customers integrating existing services and providing new ones” said Patrick Colinet, Managing Partner at Licent.

Through a unique “Made in Luxembourg” partnership, Devoteam and Licent will act together as a trustworthy partner to digitally transform organizations by offering “all-in-one” GDPR compliance framework tools supported by expert advisory services.

Digital transformation rhymes with the exchange and sharing of digitized data. Information security and compliance with current standards are also a cornerstone. How can we implement a global solution that supports the digital transformation process as a whole while, at the same time, automating specific business processes? How to integrate business applications? How to add new services both for the internal management of the company and for the company’s customers? And finally, how can we share information with our customers, partners and employees on a legal basis?

LICENT PORTAL has been tailored to meet the needs of small and medium businesses and is particularly interesting for all industries that need to exchange sensitive data with customers and partners. Our references are active in a wide range of sectors and testify to the effectiveness of the solution: from fiduciaries and law firms to daycare centers, human resources management, temporary employment agencies and the world of industry and services, as well as fund management companies and notaries.

LICENT PORTAL gives organizations, the ability to accesscontrol and manage corporate unstructured data without necessarily changing its location (local storage servers, online document libraries and more) while leveraging data management, security and governance tools and processes, but also to integrate the company’s old and new businesses. Built on top of the Microsoft Cloud Platform, Licent Portal meets the highest privacy requirements with, at the same time, a full transparency and control over which files are shared with whom, and if the recipient has accessed them correctly. Licent Portal has the ability to integrate more and more data—both onsite and in the cloud. Users can work collaboratively at their desks, from their laptops, on their tablets and on their phones.

“We see that clients are excited by the opportunities of digital innovation, knowing their decisions will have a long-lasting impact on their ability to create value and thrive in an ever more competitive global market.” said Jérémy Meisch, Operations Director at Devoteam Luxembourg.


About Licent

Licent ( is a team of experts in the field of digital transformation and data protection (GDPR). Licent offers IT services, tools and solutions to organizations that, driven by the evolution of technologies and the evolution of the market and services related to these new technologies, have decided to engage in a process of digital transformation.