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Devoteam launches AI Academy in Luxembourg

An initiative supported by Microsoft Luxembourg, Digital Luxembourg and the Ministry of the Civil Service (INAP)

Luxembourg – June 20th, 2019 – Devoteam launches the first AI Academy in Luxembourg with the support of Microsoft Luxembourg, Digital Luxembourg and the Ministry of the Civil Service (INAP). The AI Academy aims at increasing the competitiveness of Luxembourg as a country, enhancing employability, improving Digital Skills and contributing to build an AI culture within the country.

Creating the workforce of tomorrow

Technologies like artificial intelligence require both leadership and technical skills. For any economy today, leading on the challenges of tomorrow will be paramount to get ahead. The AI Academy aims at tackling the current knowledge and competencies gap by offering a first of its kind course in AI within Luxembourg. This will in turn help organizations to prepare for the challenges of tomorrow whilst also ensuring they are ready to take advantage of the possibilities that AI can bring in the coming years.

Candi Carrera, Country Manager Microsoft Luxembourg, emphasizes “We have been working since December on this project and are very excited about this initiative as part of our contribution to drive innovation in Luxembourg. This set of courses aims at teaching AI to help people better understand what the challenges of tomorrow will be and to ensure that it will be done in a right and ethical manner.”

Luxembourg – leading the way on AI

The purpose of the AI Academy is to empower students, professionals and even unemployed people by offering them a set of specific trainings. These trainings provide attendees with industry-wide skills, which enables them to respond to the current shortage of AI skills within the Luxembourg market. Furthermore, the AI Academy responds to Luxembourg’s digital ambitions to be amongst the most advanced digital societies in the world by focusing on data-driven sustainable economics and human-centric and ethical AI development.

We are really proud to open Luxembourg’s first AI Academy. Together with Microsoft we now offer a tailored program to better respond to the growing demand in the market. We have the official support from Digital Luxembourg and the Ministry of the Civil Service (INAP) for the AI Academy and are looking forward to start educating the first group of students in September”, said Wilfrid Lagrange, Country Manager Devoteam Luxembourg.

The AI Academy will initially offer three trainings – one for decisions makers and two more tailored for technical people. The business program focuses on business leaders, managers and executives to gain sufficient knowledge to be able to understand, define and implement an AI strategy in their organization.

The “foundation” technical training is designed for people new to AI or professionals that want to stay ahead of technology trends. Finally, the “advanced” technical training certifies attendees with a deeper skillset around AI.
The first AI Academy course will start at the Devoteam Training Center in September and is limited to 16 people.

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Devoteam launches AI Academy in Luxembourg