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Devoteam M Cloud receives two Security Advanced Specialization: Identity and Access Management and Cloud Security

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Luxembourg, June 14, 2022Devoteam, a leader in supporting customers of all industries on their digital transformation journey for more than two decades, announces that its Microsoft related Business Unit Devoteam M Cloud achieved two new Security Advanced Specialization certifications.

After gaining in 2021 the Advanced Specialization Threat Protection, Devoteam is demonstrating again its expertise in dealing with Security on Microsoft Cloud Platforms with achieving Identity and Access Management associated with Cloud Security Advanced Specialization in June 2022.

Devoteam M Cloud security’s team was involved in a strong program to become a European Leader on Microsoft’s security technologies. The combination of the technical teams and the Consulting teams with cybersecurity expertise bring to our customers a holistic and global approach to achieve more in a high security level hybrid environment.

Identity and Access Management

“Identity and threat protection are high on customers’ minds. Getting identity right is a critical part of a Microsoft 365 engagement and is the first place we start. “ – Forrester 2020 Microsoft 365 Enterprise Total Economic Impact Study (A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting™ on behalf of Microsoft, June 2020).

As our world undergoes rapid digital transformation, we are seeing both increasingly sophisticated security threats and protection measures. That new security paradigm is addressed by the Zero Trust framework, which puts identity at the forefront of verifying every access and connects security solutions across the entire digital estate. From identity to data, apps, infrastructure, network, and endpoints, Microsoft 365 & Azure is built on the principles of Zero Trust, with a strong cloud identity at its core.

Customers today are facing many challenges related to identity and access management—like numerous apps, devices, and users across and outside of the corporate network. As the organisational barriers blur between who is in and out of your network, organisations struggle to manage identities for not only their employees, but also external partners, suppliers and distributors, and customers.. Moreover, COVID-19 accelerated this trend as organisations had to rapidly transition their employees to work remotely and identify secure and cost-effective solutions for business continuity.

There was a 300% increase in identity-related attacks last year and customers are looking for reliable partners and new ways to proactively protect and monitor the security of IP and customer data to safeguard businesses. The Identity and Access Management Advanced Specialization is designed to help customers identify which partners have the technical capabilities and proven experience in deploying Microsoft Identity workloads with Azure AD.

The Identity and Access Management Advanced Specialization demonstrates our deep knowledge, extensive experience, and proven experience deploying Microsoft Identity workloads with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).

Cloud Security

As the use of cloud services continues to grow, cyber risks and threats continue to evolve. There has been a 27 percent increase in cloud and SaaS threats over the last year alone, and 52 percent of customers cite data security concerns as a barrier to cloud expansion. Attacks are more frequent, more sophisticated, and more costly than ever, and it’s likely the trend will continue

The Cloud Security Advanced Specialization showcases our capabilities and proven experience implementing comprehensive protection across Microsoft Azure, hybrid, and multi cloud environments. For more information on Devoteam M Cloud’s services and offerings, please visit the company’s website.

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