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Save the environment – Work from home?!

For more than a year now, most of us work from home. As a matter of fact, you are probably at home as you are reading this article – so is it true that you are saving the environment, by simply staying where you are?  

Saving the planet while… well doing nothing, might sound too good to be true – but is it really? As the world slowed down to fight the pandemic, people stopped traveling by ground & air, and work from home has become the new norm. Since road vehicles like cars, buses & motorbikes account for nearly three-quarters of transport-related greenhouse gas emissions, not driving to work on a daily must have a positive impact on the environment – right?

According to National Geographic, 4 months of full remote work has indeed reduced daily activity through transport by 50% which means 6 megatons of CO2 that go into the atmosphere each day – equal to about 1.2 million American cars’ yearly mileage.

The good news is that while we are slowly looking to move back to normality, work from home at least in a hybrid fashion is probably here to stay. And with the rise of cloud services and the wide adoption of technologies like Microsoft Teams, a previously unimaginable matter has become the new vision for sustainable work.

This potentially means a future, in which the Luxembourgish workforce doesn’t have to commute their average 1.5 hours a day from and to work on notoriously overcrowded motorways and thus gain each employee about 7.5 hours more free time a week to spend with their loved ones.

It also means a future in which Luxembourg drastically reduces our carbon dioxide footprint. As an example, here at Devoteam, 130 people are now working in a mostly remote fashion, continuing our day to day while connecting and sharing with our co-workers through Microsoft Teams. By 130 people driving to work an average of 2 days a week instead of 5, we reduced our C02 footprint in one year from 263.640 kg of CO2 to 105456 KG as a company. This means alone means 60% less CO2 emitted a year. Now imagine if all companies in Luxembourg did the same! Or even all companies in the world!

200 of the world’s largest corporations commit to net zero emissions by 2050.

SO YES – working from home can have a great positive impact on the environment and really reduce CO2 footprints – but…. the statistics show that even with a drastic reduction in transportation the greenhouse gases emitted daily by human activity are still on the rise.

So what more can we do?

In a world with limited resources, digitalization is one of the key features of every scenario for sustainable development. This is why here at Devoteam we integrated a new offer into our service portfolio to empower our clients to go greener with the right support. Through digital tools, we help them understand their impact, implement responsible strategies, become more circular, and turn sustainable development challenges into opportunities for a better future.

How do we do that?

  1. Lead sustainable development initiatives with data
    Turn your data into insights that drive successful sustainability initiatives. We know that data matters to realize results from sustainability activities. That’s why we turn data into insights that provide us with a baseline of where to start and enable us to ensure impact from our client’s sustainability initiatives.
  2. Build a cost-efficient sustainable IT
    Improve your environmental performance by leveraging your IT skills.
    In today’s companies, IT is at the core of every operation. As IT is both a carbon source and an enabler of environmental performance, we help our clients align their IT with their real needs and to identify possible improvements to their environmental performance by leveraging their IT.
  3. Design a responsible future of work
    Empower people with a smart & greener workplace to change their way of working sustainably.
    We design a future of work where accessibility, inclusivity, and environmental rationalization are made possible thanks to technology. We envision and create workplaces that change people’s ways of working towards sustainability.
  4. Realize your potential within circularity through digital products
    Create lasting value with a new transformative business model and products. We assess circularity and design processes and products well suited for the circular economy. Thanks to these digital products companies operate within the planetary bounds while creating lasting value and reaching new business opportunities.

In conclusion, a sustainable future is only possible if we all work together to make it happen.

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