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Boosting cybersecurity resilience

The snapshot


Better visibility and traceability of risk


Embracing better controls and compliance processes


General performance improvement in the IT Security area

The challenge

The client is an international high-technology group and a leading manufacturer in the fields of Aerospace, Defense and Security with more than 9,000 employees.

What the client needed from Devoteam was to set up a framework contract that would allow them to respond to some of their information system security issues. This includes the overall sensitivity of its informational assets.

The solution

To assess cyber health and provide a solution for the security management of the company, an evaluation through a cyber health score was needed. The score, established through an algorithm, aggregates a set of externally available data.

From there, it was easy to analyze and find out the critical points of the systems, including malware, network security, update frequencies, social engineering and data leaks.

The better change

Identifying problems from an external point of view

Finding out the cyber score of its competitors, and therefore gaining a competitive edge

The ability to optimize its own security and strengthen the security of its partnerships by limiting any risks of data exposure