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Devoteam helped Docapost DPS to achieve the renewal of an international security certification for their Dematerialization Department

Docapost Document Process Solutions (DPS) is a subsidiary of the French company La Poste that is number one in France to provide a complete panel of solutions to manage the dematerialization of papers or to monitor and archive digital documents.

Main challenges

In 2014, the Dematerialization Department of Docapost DPS decided to audit their current security standards, in the order to renew their ISO27001 certification. Docapost DPS’s targets are the CAC 40 enterprises and the SMB.

Docapost DPS asked Devoteam to help to prepare and to project manage the process of renewal of the ISO27001 certification for their Dematerialization Department. They wanted an external project manager, in order to get a fresh pair of eyes to improve the process in place and to reach the right security agreements.

What did we solve?

Devoteam focused on adding value to Docapost DPS’s business. The project was not just about achieving the renewal of the ISO27001 certification for the Dematerialization Department, but also about acquiring the best methods and creating the best security conditions to realize the benefits of being compliant with this certification.

In collaboration with Docapost DPS, Devoteam tailored the preparation process to fit the Dematerialization Department’s organization and needs. Devoteam used different consultants for the different areas, and Docapost DPS was pleased to benefit from a team of different Devoteam experts.

Devoteam delivers knowledge and assistance on many sub-topics within the security area, e.g. Risk Management, Asset Management and Compliance Management. In concrete terms, to realize internal audits, to evaluate the global level of the Information System Security, to provide technical expertise, to identify default in the security process, to address a final action plan in order to reach the right security level. All these topics were considered and part of the planning, executing and follow-up.

Furthermore, in order to provide an excellent service, Devoteam went further in his mission and realized a preview gap analysis in purpose to show which aspects and process the Dematerialization Department of Docapost DPS will have to improve to be compliant with the 2013 version of the norm ISO27001.

Main benefits

Devoteam’s international team of experts was a clear advantage in this project. Also, Devoteam’s ability to manage large-scale projects covering multiple sub-topics was greatly appreciated in this project.

With the renewal of the ISO27001 certification, the Dematerialization Department of Docapost DPS is now better able to support, bring and provide to their clients the best security practices.