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Devoteam helps leading managed service provider maintain its premier position in the European market

This leading European provider of managed network, hosting and cloud integration services for businesses chose Devoteam to deliver a solution that would improve customer satisfaction and retention following degradation of its carrier network.

Main challenges

Our client operates in 18 countries with a staff of 900, has an annual turnover of almost £200m and over 500 enterprise customers. It takes pride in combining its global reach with local expertise to give its customers a personalised experience that will help drive their business forward.

The client’s performance management systems proved inadequate with the organisation unable to report accurately to its own customers or prove it had met agreed service levels or contractual agreements. In turn, some of the client’s customers were losing confidence in the service.

Although an established user of CA Technologies’ Spectrum and eHealth solutions for IT systems performance monitoring, the client’s IT infrastructure had become complex and outgrown in-house expertise.

What did we solve?

The client commissioned Devoteam to conduct a professional consulting assignment to overhaul its reporting and provisioning system. The assignment would define the problem, describe a preferred situation and propose a solution with timings and steps. 

“With Devoteam’s help we have recovered our premier position.“ IT Director

Through interviews Devoteam identified the six stages of the provisioning process and their changes to data. This showed system failings and their impact:

  • 13% of devices entered on to the system were not being managed;
  • 90 reports failed each day;
  • 400+ interfaces were incorrectly configured, resulting in customer reports showing greater than 100% utilisation;
  • 500+ voice quality tests were failing.

All of these resulted in reports to customers either not being produced or containing incorrect data. Test failures showed that our client was unable to prove its customer service levels were compliant.

As a remedy, Devoteam defined three important steps with clear objectives for each under the headings:

1. Get Well – a programme to resolve the eHealth platform and data issues;

2. Stay Healthy – a plan to improve the monitoring to detect problems early;

3. Futures Plan – to consider a more strategic direction for eHealth and for provisioning and change management. 

Main benefits

At the end of seven weeks Devoteam produced a clear and concise road map for the client to follow to return its customer reporting to health and, more importantly, develop better processes in the future.

Our client is able to report healthy levels of customer satisfaction which will contribute greatly to customer retention.