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Kydemy unlocks new levels of student productivity amid pandemic

Google Cloud

The snapshot


The objective was to bring their services to the cloud and continue serving their students


Kydemy chose the Google Cloud Platform environment for its security, stability, and coverage for all its development needs


Thanks to Google Cloud and the support of Devoteam, Kydemy has been able to produce and provide its users with an excellent academy management platform and a superior user experience

The challenge

The Kydemy platform helps dance studios and academies to save time and money by improving day-to-day management, communication, accounting, and much more.

There is an urgent need to share videos, documents, links, and other resources only with their registered students. The solution had to be reliable, fast, and secure.

Competing with both well-established platforms and institutions and new online players like themselves, they were being forced to evolve their physical business into an online/Cloud-based model.

The solution

The Kydemy team envisioned, designed, and executed an ambitious plan to support the newly discovered vital needs of existing and potential new customers. In less than two weeks, it was a reality; Kydemy had a prototype up and running, and customers started to prepare to bring their business to the Cloud.

The Kydemy system was the perfect foundation to sustain these new and demanding requirements. Developed using the high-performance and highly scalable Go Language, the Kydemy Restful API provided the necessary functionality and scalability to manage all the traffic required to solve this challenge.

The videos are uploaded directly to Google Cloud Storage. Then, by using Compute Engine instances, the videos are converted to mobile and web-friendly formats and re-uploaded to Google Cloud Storage. Google Cloud Storage provides us a high-available, reliable, and affordable distribution platform.

Meanwhile, all business data, metadata information, activity, and reports are stored and generated in a Google Cloud SQL instance using all the power of the fantastic PostgreSQL database.

Finally, the students can browse their classes and consume videos and other resources thanks to the Kydemy mobile app. We are delighted to have selected Flutter to build the Kydemy app. Flutter is an agile and efficient mobile development framework that allows us to deliver constant updates with the highest quality results. We are impressed with the productivity and reliability of Flutter; it is outstanding technology.

The better change

In total, Kydemy currently hosts 2500+ customer videos, and students have consumed a total of 1TB of content during the month of April 2020, first month on the pandemic. These figures keep growing every day

Kydemy is working to integrate native support for real-time streaming capabilities to allow broadcasting live classes directly from the platform and/to the mobile app

Using Google Cloud Platform: using Pillars as Infrastructure Modernization, Data Management, Application Development and Productivity & Collaboration

People’s experience

Kydemy has been a useful tool to provide students with content, offering them that content online and quickly, while having control over the classes’ attendance and insights about how the situation evolved thanks to the charts/reports. Being able to use Kydemy has given us peace of mind and the possibility of saving costs.