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Using data to drive better business decisions


The snapshot


Scalable business model founded on data and automation


Fully-automated finance function


Creating an optimal customer experience

The challenge

This car leasing company had the challenge of leveraging data insights from its beginnings to make sure it was achieving maximum scalability.

Finding the optimum selection of cars in order to maximize profitability was important. The crucial element of this project was the data-driven change that would ensure a superior customer experience.

The solution

In close collaboration with the client, we integrated 11 data sources to one system and found solutions to automate everything that could be automated, including most finance processes. This included finance. Creating Tableau dashboards that get updated every 20 minutes with live data, it was easy to get access to visualization data across the whole company. 

With our data integration setup, the client became able to create a fully automated pick-up and return service and provide a seamless and state of the art customer experience. 

The better change

Using data and an automation system to create a scalable business model

With instant reporting and fast reaction

Ensuring automation with everything that can be automated

Collaborating with Inviso by Devoteam has been crucial for our ability to build data and automation into the core of our business. Their combination of our own team combined with their technical know-how and understanding of strategic business needs has allowed us to create a truly scalable business from the start.