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Devoteam AI Bootcamps: Supercharge your AI skills!

Artificial Intelligence brand new courses

New AI courses-bootcamps Devoteam
The Devoteam AI Academy provides industry-wide skills, enabling you to respond to the current shortage of AI skills within the Luxembourg market. You can find below our new courses:

Also, learn more about how you could supercharge your AI skills by combining courses into bootcamps.

Upskilling & Reskilling Bootcamps

Depending on your skills, you can build your own Reskillling and Upskilling bootcamps. Each bootcamp is a journey tailored to your goals and schedule, leading you to success with the technologies you need to master! Let’s dive into our bootcamps:

Reskilling Bootcamps

Do you need to be completely reskilled? Do you envision a career change? Start here with:

Upskilling Bootcamps

Do you already master AI skills and want to speed up your development?