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New Courses with Devoteam: Start Upskilling or Reskilling your AI

New Artificial Intelligence training courses:

The Devoteam AI Academy empowers students, professionals, and even unemployed by offering them a set of specific trainings. These trainings provide industry-wide skills, enabling you to respond to the current shortage of AI skills within the Luxembourg market. Start diving into our new courses:


Brand new remote training solutions with Devoteam Luxembourg

Upskilling & Reskilling Bootcamps

    Depending on your skills, build your own Reskillling and Upskilling bootcamps. Each bootcamp is a journey tailored to your goals and schedule, leading you to success with the technologies you need to master! Please inquire about tailored bootcamps by contacting our team:

    Reskilling Bootcamps

    Do you need to be completely reskilled? Do you envision a career change? Start here with:

    • AI Academy Bootcamp from Zero to Hero: modules B, C, A, and D (9 days)
    • AI Academy Bootcamp Advanced: modules D, E, and F (9 days)

    Upskilling Bootcamps

    Do you already master AI skills and want to speed up your development? See what awaits you here:

    • AI Academy Bootcamp for Machine Learning: modules A and D (5 days)
    • AI Academy Bootcamp for Deep Learning: modules D and E (6 days)
    • AI Academy Bootcamp for Reinforcement Learning: modules E and F (6 days)

    Innovative approach open to everyone

    Our AI Acacemy program offers a blended-learning method that combines instructor-led training sessions and self-learning with our AI Online Learning Platform. This innovative approach will allow you to gain new skills while working your day to day job.

    Not a Tech person? Discover our AI Academy for Decision Makers especially designed for Managers, Business Professionals, C-levels or anyone making important decisions and empowering their group with Artificial Intelligence. Technical skills are not required, just an open mind and a great interest in new technologies!

    This course has also been adapted to specific functions (HR/Sales/Marketing) to promote AI usage as an opportunity in their organization. Discover: AI Academy for Marketing & Sales and AI Academy for HR.

    New remote learning solutions

    Discover our main delivery formats and how each supports your training goals, learning needs and budget:

    Public Classroom

    Our “Public Classroom” format offers a traditional face-to-face learning experience with our highly-trained instructors and a hands-on approach including demonstrations and exercises. This format is available at our training center where you can enjoy a unique and dynamic learningenvironment.

    Live Virtual Classroom

    Our “Live Virtual Classroom” format happens in a virtual environment when the students and the instructor are in separate locations. This format offers a live learning experience with real-time interaction and includes demonstrations and hands-on labs.

    You can experience the same quality of training from wherever you are, giving you more comfort and flexibility.

    Live Connected Classroom (New) 

    This “Live Connected Classroom” format is designed to teach simultaneously to students in the classroom and to remote students. With this format, you will enjoy all the advantages of a classroom training course from your home or office without being present in the actual classroom.

    From now, most of our sessions will be available in this new delivery format. You can choose to attend remotely (Live Connected Classroom) or in person (Public Classroom).

    Dedicated Classroom

    According to your requirements, we can organize tailor-made private sessions for groups or individuals within your organization. Sessions can be held either at our Training Center or on your company’s premises or in Live Virtual Classroom.


    New Training Center Website!

    We are thrilled to announce the release of our new training website:

    • Find out inspiring courses within our new catalog
    • Manage your own HR dashboard to monitor your training schedule

    Follow our courses from anywhere thanks to our 5 different delivery formats!