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Devoteam develops a master plan to redesign prominent bank’s telecom system

Devoteam worked with one of the biggest financial institutions in North Africa to elaborate a telecom master plan. Backed by the experience and the expertise of its highly motivated personnel, a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, and a strong presence in the local market, this bank, with its more than 3000 employees, offers its institutional, corporate and individual customers a large and innovative range of products and services for their activities in the country and worldwide.

Main challenges

In a context of a crisis affected by Arab Springs and an aging Infrastructure of network and telephony, Devoteam accompanied the bank in the design of a telecom system master plan on both technical and organisational levels. One major challenge was to get the various entities to collaborate through unified communications projects in order to improve individual and collective productivity.

What did we solve?

Devoteam assisted this bank throughout a three-month process that led to deployment of a new standardized IT scheme covering all these agencies. We:

  • Identified financial optimisation opportunities provided by unified communications in collaboration with various departments (LAN, WAN, Security,…) in very the short term
  • Realised a portfolio of projects aligned with business needs – business cases, analysis of associated risks, etc. – using today’s innovative technologies
  • Improved the level of service
  • Reviewed the existing compartmentalised silo organisation.

Throughout a detailed review of requirements for network and telephony services, Devoteam worked in collaboration with top management and according to their strategic vision. Over the course of many workshops, Devoteam structured the master plan by aligning management’s requirements and defining selection criteria for the expected solution, while considering their organisational problematic, the technical developments they wanted to implement, and their will to develop on the international stage in the medium term.

Main benefits

As a result of the workshop and negotiation process, Devoteam and this financial institution worked together to define a three-year strategic roadmap. Benefits realisable in the short term include increased productivity gained by providing nomads with constant, all-device access to information, as well as cost reductions for communications, travel and operations.

“We have benefited from Devoteam’s standard approach for realising a master plan using a proven methodology based on their client experience. This has helped us define a strategic vision in line with business needs on a three-year horizon and able to support an expanded IT infrastructure to address our business development going forward.”