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Devoteam help to build a new digital chapter

The new web platform, richer in content and features, offers a perfect user experience.

The project at glance

The ITnation site gets a makeover. In order to better meet the expectations of the IT community it federates, the media has worked with Devoteam and its creative team. The new web platform, richer in content and features, offers a perfect user experience.

Makana, which will celebrate its 15th anniversary at a special edition of the Golden-i Gala next spring, is the publisher of ITnation and Trans-for-Nation. It targets Luxembourg leaders, to help them in their daily challenges, to enable them to better envisage the future. Around ITnation, more specifically, the company has managed to federate all digital players in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, by connecting end users to service providers and solution providers. “ITnation now brings together thousands of ict professionals from its various media such as its website, its ubiquity on social networks, its biweekly newsletter, and events, culminating each year in the Golden-i gala and its IOC of The Year award,” explains Emilie Mounier, owner of Makana/ITnation.


In recent months, the management team has given itself time to think, listent to its partners and the people who make up its audience. “We can identify several major trends, major developments that affect our community. The first is that digital issues are more than ever at the heart of the transformation challenges faced by all organizations, continues Emilie Mounier. The second is that digital is no longer the prerogative of IT professionals alone, but is increasingly considered by senior executives, “business” managers and support functions such as human resources, marketing, compliance, finance. The issue of talent and skills, too, has become a key concern. »

We wanted to offer a more modern showcase, to better enhance our content but also to meet new expectations, offer better visibility to our partners and better meet their needs, especially in terms of the development of their employer brands

A creative approach

In order to carry out the revival of the ITnation brand, the team worked with devoteam’s studio, which is implementing a “Creative Tech” approach. The idea was not to replicate the existing one, to give it a more modern look, but to rethink the offer in its entirety.

To do this, we place the user in the center. The technological aspect is considered only in a second step, after considering the needs and conducting an analysis of the usage made on the previous site.

All these challenges were first considered in the heart of workshops, by flattening all the elements. The reflections, supported by analytical data, served as a base for the creation of a new structure, starting from a blank sheet of paper.

In this regard, it is important to consider both content and look. One of the desires, for example, was to put the human side forward, to better value the actors who carry the digital transformation


The new model also ensures a better integration of advertising spaces at the heart of content, with the desire to better value the messages of partners by protecting itself from an “too intrusive” effect, often counterproductive.

The new website

Throughout development, the guiding principle has been to maximize the value created for users and partners.

To carry out this project, the ITnation and Devoteam teams adopted an iterative process, seeking at each stage to create value. In this way, we can evaluate and validate the elements, evoke the questions raised during production, better consider the next steps, possibly adapt certain elements.

Devoteam and ITnation teams

Check the results on the new ITnation website :