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Facilitating digital transformation of your business though a GDPR compliant platform (2019-now)

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The challenge

LICENT wanted to share information on a secure basis and in accordance with GDPR requirements. They needed to create an open platform for integrating existing and new business for the company.

The solution

Devoteam developed and maintains the LICENT PORTAL. This solution relies on the Microsoft stack: 

  • Microsoft Azure for the hosting of the different pieces of the project 
  • Microsoft Office 365 – SharePoint for the hosting and the exchange of documents 
  • .NET Core for the development of the custom solution

With this solution, you can organize your documents. That is to say creating your own document structure that meets your business processes, in the cloud or your server. Make your files public or private and manage access rights. Furthermore, share documents with your customers : Send or receive documents to or from your customers in a secured and controlled way, eliminating uncontrolled emails or dropbox-like tools. Each customer accesses its own secured portal that can be totally deleted if required.Finally, you benefit from GDPR Compliant solution; Microsoft 365 provides required features allowing Licent Sphere to be GDPR compliant.​


Thanks to Devoteam support, all documents are shared in a secure and in a GDPR-compliant way. Users increase their productivity. Companies and customers can share their documents easily. This internal and external PORTAL is useful for existing and new business of the company.