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Devoteam supports the on-premises migration of a military sector company to Azure Cloud 2020

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The challenge

Following a macro audit of the IT perimeter, the client’s IT teams noted their aging and obsolete IT infrastructure. High availability on business applications was missing and their network infrastructure and security too weak. Finally, the risk was also focused on cases of major incidents for which no disaster recovery plan was put in place. The infrastructure was not suited to the multi-site context.

The solution

Several solutions have been implemented. First, the Source Site Assessment. Various workshops have been set up: a workshop for applications and existing architecture, a workshop on preparation for migration. The last steps: drafting of the target DAT and the migration schedule and validation of Client Governance and RACI.

Then, second solution: Azure Platform Enablement. This included the interconnection of the IS with Azure (VPN or ExpressRoute), the establishment of the foundations: IAM, DNS, Network & storage configuration in Azure; and the establishment of ASR: policy, interconnection with ASR.

Part Three: IT Workload Migration.

For this, the migration procedures have been drafted. On the 2 Windows servers, the target architecture and components on the servers have been implemented. And finally, SQL Server Integration has been supported.

The final “Transfer to Run” step consisted of transferring knowledge of the overall scope and drafting operating documentation.

The better change

Setting up a new IT infrastructure to strengthen security and set up high availability on applications

Meet the needs of the French customer taking into account the industrial business context

Facilitate the maintenance in operational conditions by the IT teams

Free up its internal IT teams on projects with high added value

We have observed that the customer satisfaction rate has increased by 30% in six months.