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Devoteam supports Cloud Migration with Azure Academy 2020

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The challenge

The big consulting company wanted to become a datacenter-less organization in three years. With very little internal skills in infrastructure, the legacy organization was not prepared for that goal. Operations are out-sourced to an MSP. Theri insufficient knowledge of applications catalog and their infrastructure needed to move including all apps, Windows and SQL Server.

The solution

Devteam M cloud defined the target operational model including identification of processes impacted by the cloud transformation and identification of the needs in training and support for the teams. Our team proposed the roadmap that led to the new model, including intermediary steps.

As well,  Azure Academy was put in place. It stands on three pillars : theory, social learning and practical Workshops. 

Cloud Academy uses the same principles as the cloud transformation:

  • Foster culture change by changing procedures
  • Gradually mature the organisation where it brings the most value
  • Improve personel retention and organisation attractivity for hiring
  • create a gradual inboarding process, for each population with flexible pace


The better change

Creation of a learning community to inboard the members to support the Azure Cloud migration

Creation of an expertise community

Deployment supported by workshops

Devoteam supports the Cloud Migration with Azure Academy